Fuck You, Comcast

I wanted to get my daily dose of left wing news this morning, so I flipped to MSNBC. Lo and behold, there is a plain blue screen with whit text that reads “MS-NBC IS NOW ON OUR DIGITAL CABLE LINEUP. PLEASE CALL 303-930-2000 TO UPGRADE TODAY.”

Fuck you. I don’t want to upgrade. I just want to watch cable news, and all you left me is FOX and CNN. I hate Comcast.


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Local Bands Make a Difference

This Thursday, May 31st, Coles Whalen, Wendy Woo, Slopeside, and Spyz are coming together at Herman’s Hideaway for a concert benefiting the Patient Assistance Fund.  With an average chemotherapy treatment costing around $20,000, the fund aims to help make those costs more affordable. Doors are at 7:00, and a donation is suggested. 

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Get Whomped

Whomp: (noun)
1. The sound of glitch music, eg: deep rolling bass, cut up vocals, etc.
“Jantsen was playing some whompy glitch last night.”

What is glitch? Glitch is the emerging electronic genre, distant cousin to dubstep, that uses chopped and spliced vocals, hard hitting deep bass lines, and a speed around 80 bpm. Kind of. Glitch is still developing, so its sounds are always changing, and there is always something new. And, just like any genre, the only boundaries are the abilities of the producers.

Originating in the San Francisco are, glitch and its whompful grooves are quickly infecting the Denver electronic scene. From almost no one playing the genre just a few years ago, to glitch being featured at one event every week, the sound is gaining major followers.

The local DJ front runners Cacheflowe and Jantsen among a few others are tearing up dance floors alongside national players like Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob. Check the event listings at The Underground Network for your glitch fix.

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Free Sunday Night Entertainment

Sunday nights are hot at Confluence Park. Every summer sunday night, Denver’s best fire performers gather next to the Platte River behind REI’s flagship store to practice and show off their skills. On a typical Sunday, you’ll see flaming hula hoops, fire poi, and jugglers, all doing their thing to the beat of the drum circle (feel free to bring a drum and join in). Its the best free sunday night entertainment next to the poetry slam (article coming soon).

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Ups and Downs of RTD

Denver’s public transporation system ranks among the best in the country. With gas prices climbing closer and closer to four dollars a gallon every day, RTD might seem like a pretty good option. I say pretty good because, overall, public transportation sucks. It is a cheap way to get around, its (mostly) easy to use, and despite the overall opinion of the suburban environment I was raised in, not filled with people with people who want to kill you. But public transportation is slow, inconvenient and filled with crazy people who will talk your ear off for the whole trip about “creating and destroying planets in mere seconds” if you sit next to the wrong person.

The ups and downs of RTD:

UP- You don’t have to curse the ass hole in front of you for braking too fast, or the jack ass behind you for following too close.

DOWN- You have to cure the bus driver for being late.

UP- You get exercise walking to the bus stop.

DOWN- You might have to walk to the bus stop.

UP- Light rail lets you bypass I-25 at rush hour.

DOWN- Light rail trains are jam packed with angry business people at rush hour.

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Thursday Night Improv

Despite the name, the Bovine Metropolis Theater does not employ cows as actors. Thursday nights at the Bovine are an adventure in improve comedy that brings together new and experienced actors in a cacophony of laughter known as BMX (Bovine Metropolis Experience). Shows start weekly at 7:30 and tickets are $8. Bovine Metropolis Theater is located at 1527 Champa.

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Top 3 Downtown Places to Reduce Your Suicide Risk

The bloggers over at energyfiend.com recently posted a list of 7 good reasons to drink coffee, including a cited reduced risk of suicide. So all of you can enjoy a perfectly crafted cup of coffee and lower your risk of suicide, here are my top 3 downtown Denver places to get your fix:

1- The Market: I was walking through Larimer Square a few weeks ago before it got warm and needed something to take the chill off. The latte I ordered was hands down the best latte I’ve had in a long ass time. Perfect foam, great espresso, and topped of with swirled milk and espresso latte art. A little pricey, but great coffee is worth it.
The Market
2-Leela European Cafe: If you can put up with the sometimes poor service and hipster attitude, Leela is a great place for a cup of coffee. On 15th between Stout and Champa, Leela has coffee, food and a full bar. And the best part? Open 24 hours.


3-Aviano Coffee: Aviano Coffee in two words: upscale and uhhh… simply amazing (its worthy of more than two). Two levels with plenty of couches, chairs, and tables, Aviano is a great place two sit and enjoy an afternoon. The baristas know what they are doing, and they constantly serve great coffee. Check them out at 955 Lincoln.

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